More than just another general engineering and contracting firm, LC General Engineering and Construction, Inc. (LCG) has conscientiously paid attention to the human environment within which it functions and has nurtured the desire to be involved in projects that benefit the adjacent communities.  For LCG and its technical partners, construction is not just another job, it is a passion.  Such a passion translates not only in delivering quality work in a timely manner and within established budgets, but also in being considerate and professional, and establishing bonds with owner representatives, engineering management teams and architectural partners, and creating smooth communication conduits leading to flawless project executions.

In addition to a general goal of serving the communities where it operates, LCG considers itself an integral part of the City of San Francisco, and it is dedicated to contributing to the urban revitalization and preservation of the landmarks of the City.  And in the true San Francisco spirit, LCG firmly applies the principles of equal opportunity employment and non-discrimination in choosing its collaborators, business partners and staff, thus honoring the diversity characterizing the area.  This commitment is reflected by the MBE/WBE/LBE performance, LCG achieving on the average levels almost twice as high as the goals set forth by the project owners.

Within this context and in direct line with its business philosophy, LCG is always ready to participate in public projects geared toward the restoration of community objectives. We consider that the vast expertise of our engineering management team, and the dedication of our subcontractors and craftsmen qualifies our firm technically, while our commitment to community programs adds a human level to the whole project. Our firm is minority-owned, hires a diverse work force, maintains strong ties with construction trade unions, and chooses partners who are committed to the same quality principles as ours, mindful of the owner’s equal opportunity requirements.