LC General Engineering and Construction has centered its business philosophy around the symmetry of a pyramid, in which all five corners are both interrelated as well as continually interactive. Pyramids are everlasting sources of awe and architectural inspiration. Part human art, part technological wonder. Most of all, they symbolize the triumph of human desire to build and continuously challenge the mind to find solutions to the most difficult engineering problems.

At the top of LCG pyramid we placed our commitment to excellence that characterizes all projects tackled by our firm. This commitment is based on four traits that we place at the foundation of each project:

  • Efficient project management and tasks scheduling and organization
  • Engineering expertise and problem solving
  • Expert craftsmanship and flawless execution
  • Professional interaction with project partners and customers

The team at LCG believes that the company will best reach its business goals by emulating the diversity of the community it serves. Our firm is minority-owned, hires a diverse work force, maintains strong ties with construction trade unions, and chooses partners who are committed to the same quality principles as ours, mindful of our owner’s commitment to equal opportunity.